In the Brie-ginning, There was Milk…

I like Brie. A lot of people I know like Brie. Let’s make Brie, said I. So I did. The day was March 16th, 2014. Now, unlike the other cheeses I’ve made so far, Brie is not pressed heavily and it’s a surface ripened cheese, via my newest bestest friend, Penicillium Candidum (I like to… Read More »

Halloumi? Is Anyone There?

Goat’s milk. Yup. Bought some. Wanted to make a cheese for the girl, she being a lactose bigot and all. Not lactose intolerance – it goes way past that. The problem; what to make with 4 litres of bleat milk. Let’s face it! this aging thing – let’s just say sometimes waiting isn’t my strong… Read More »

Lanky, sir? No, I Want Cheese

With a whopping three Caerphillies under my belt, for my fourth cheese I figured I’d branch out since the three Caerphilly seem to be working out okay, I figured why not try a Lancashire. What’s a Lancashire, you ask? Why, it’s a cow’s milk cheese from the country of Lancashire. It comes in three distinct… Read More »

The More, the Caerphilly

It’s a bit of a theme, this Caerphilly thing. I’ve made more since the first. Which is strange as I’ve never actually tasted one – mine or the real thing. Which makes this a situation where I made this thing I haven’t tried and made more of them. So there are three wheels of Caerphilly… Read More »